Centena Wood

Centena Wood makes trade / export of wooden planks finished. Wood is the source for the production of the most beautiful products.

Centena Wood makes trade / export of wooden planks finished. Wood is the source for the production of the most beautiful products.

Centena Wood Serradas cormecializa hardwoods that can be used in the production of furniture, flooring, decks, and other products that have the quality and beauty that only the Brazilian woods have.

Centena Wood - Factory management of forests in the states of Mato Grosso and Pará. Pará own area with 73,000 hectares, 48,000 for sustainable exploitation. Cuts to Hundred Woods Serradas and pre-cuts for Hundred furniture. Logistics: Transport to port for export Hundred Woods Serradas.

Nature is the greatest legacy we can leave to our children and the trees are perhaps the greatest symbol of this heritage.

If we look around us, sure we will see some object made of wood: floors, furniture, frames, objects, and other artifacts.

Trees are necessary for life on the planet and the wood is a raw material essential to man.
So the Centena Wood believes and invests on a rational use of wood raw material 100% renewable, used in our lines Centena Wood Serradas, Centena Floors and Centena Furniture.

Our woods are extracted in a sustainable manner, with a replanteio and management policy in order to maintain the natural set, trees and animals in its initial state.
Cenetena Wood works closely with local communities, bringing income and improve the quality of life of residents, thus uniting respect for the environment and social responsibility.


High quality of products-only hardwoods
High margins in marketing
You have the purchase and sale contracts
Only certified suppliers


Growth trend of European imports of the product
Increasing trend of the exportations

Commodities - Sugar

Grupo Centena is a leading supplier of premium quality Brazilian Sugar it has vasts areas of sugarcane plantations in Minas Gerais and Parana

We supply the global market mostly with Icumsa45 sugar

With an international sales team, having more than 20 years experience in the sugar-market trade and logistics, we are able to get your requested sugar type, packed and transported to the port of Santos, with compatible shipping costs to your indicated final destinations, fast and reliably.

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Centena Energy

Centena Energy, believing the replacement of fossil fuels by ecological, reinforces the Grupo Centena vision of environmental preservation and social awareness, by promoting domestic agriculture, creating jobs in disadvantaged regions.

The Centena Energy will invest in two biofuel plants: Ethanol and Biodiesel

Our business model involves agro-industrial enterprises: Farming / extraction of raw materials and production of biofuels, investment in plants "Green-Field" and land use already acquired or under negotiation by the group.

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