commodities from Brazil

We are a major player in agricultural commodities, mainly sugar, corn, soybeans

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The shareholding structure of Grupo Centena covers six companies, including SGPS the Grupo's parent company in Brazil

Grupo Centena, headquartered in São Paulo and branches in Peru, Portugal and Thailand is the Brazilian arm of an International Group of investments with a strong presence in Asia, Europe, Middle East, East Africa markets

Grupo Centena has its business focus in the area of commodities, mainly sugar, soybeans, corn, corn oil, soybean oil.
Also has a strong presence in timber, energy, real estate and investment exchange.

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Brazilian Sugar

Sugar from Brazil

Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Sugar Icumsa45 refined White Sugar, IC100-150, IC600, IC800 and organic sugar.
Grupo Centena has its own vast sugarcane plantations in Minas Gerais and Parana

Risk solutions and market access for producers, consumers, financial institutions and investors.

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Comodities & Trading

The Centena Business exchange acts as an advisory to foreign trade and offer a range os services to its customers


Centena Wood

Centena Wood makes trade / export of wooden planks finished.


Centena Energy

Centena Energy invests in two biofuel plants: Ethanol and Biodiesel


Business Bag of Grupo Centena

Commodities & Trading

  • The Centena Investment Exchange to create a new concept of association, offering products and services to Brazilian companies interested in business in the international market.
  • Marketing - to create a standard of excellence. Adapting products and services to international standards. Identify partners with the brand of the institution. Represent the brands, products and services in global trade shows. Develop events targeted to the segment. Provide services and infrastructure for trade shows and events.
  • Certification - Create a visual unit identification of goods and services. Certify products according to the standards of each market. Regulate the entry of goods and services under the laws of each country. Train and update professionals and companies for entry into other markets. Foster the development of products with origin certification and public support.
  • Legal and Tax Advice - Disclosure of legal and institutional frameworks that influence and support the business activity, such as: Labour Law, Tax, Commercial, Corporate and legislation on foreign investment.
  • Import Export Trading - Assist the partners in the operation of import and export of goods and services. Do trading for companies in need of Open Market. Seek strategic partnerships in reducing transportation costs, insurance and banking.
  • Institutional relations - Develop relationships with local governments. Search production incentives with public and private entities. Close institutional arrangements for development and exchanges (universities, institutes ...). Close support with foreign ministries of each country.
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